Country makes you feel real

Because Country takes you back to days when you were given chances to actually live a good life.
So this is my life, or things that describe how I feel at certain moments in my life...

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All ‘bout me

I’m a 23 yr old living in the city. Dreaming of Big Sky Country and having my own little family. My life right now is crazy and lazy at the same time. I go through spurts of being busy and spurts of just wanting to do nothing. Ive always loved the busy parts better though. I really love the old school way of country living. I always used to say I should have been born in the 50’s or the “John Wayne Era” not just for the whole roles that women and men had but for the respect people had for things in an overall sense. I love my truck and I love learning to work on it when needed, and money permitting of course. I’m new to the 4x4 world but I want to soak it up. Its awesome and fun and I cant get enough. I love guns and going shooting. (And not in a range) I love my family more then anything. Seriously I would do anything for them. I dream of having my own Cattle/ horse ranch in Montana one day. preferably in the N.W. corner.. I think its gorgeous there. Anyways I’m pretty ok to talk to so if you ever need advice or want to vent or just wanna chat for whatever about whatever, I have a good ear. :)