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Because Country takes you back to days when you were given chances to actually live a good life.
So this is my life, or things that describe how I feel at certain moments in my life...

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Vertebral Implant

3-D printing has been gaining more and more traction in the medical field. It’s versatility and precision allows for some amazing work to be done. 

Here is an example of a vertebral implant done in China. The idea is simple, but the execution was elegantly done. They used titanium that is already used safely for the main component of the vertebrae, and used a porous material that allows for fusion with the natural cell growth in the body.

This brings up an interesting point about the development and implementation of new technology… In foreign countries we are seeing the rise of these 3-D printed implants being used in the clinics, but because of the strict restrictions in the U.S. most 3-D printing technology is still being used for imaging and modeling purposes. Of course this allows for increase in safety and ensures optimal integration of the technology, but creates too much barriers (incl financial, accessibility) for patients…

I know we have readers pitching in from all over the world, what are your thoughts on regulations at your country? Do you feel like more regulations are needed, or maybe less?

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Let the quilting begin!! 

(Quilting since I can’t have a baby.. Next best thing since I already have a dog right? Lol 

Ugh.. I want a baby!)

Let the quilting begin!!

(Quilting since I can’t have a baby.. Next best thing since I already have a dog right? Lol

Ugh.. I want a baby!)



Women’s Work: Reimagining “Blue-Collar”

26 images of tenacious, strong female loggers, welders, firefighters, miners and so forth challenging the idea of what we consider “women’s work.”

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Anonymous said: Since I can't post it on my own blog... I still love my ex even after 3 years and I really just miss talking to her and she seems really upset recently over some guy and I really just want her to be happy and just want to make her feel better but she's like brushing me off when I text her and it just sucksssssssssss

What was the cause of the break
Up if you don’t mind my asking? (If you don’t want to share that’s fine too) sorry to hear you’re in that situation though, it’s always tough seeing someone you care about feeling down and they don’t seem to want to accept your efforts in comforting them

What I have with you, I don’t want with anyone else.

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Spending time with my niece and my great nephew and my baby :) love them to pieces ❤️